The 2024 Housing Market 

It is hard to predict what next year will be in the real estate market.  If we remain optimistic a modest economic growth, slightly increased unemployment, and a gradual decline in inflation would be ideal.  Mortgage interest rates will play a key role in 2024. 

Homes Prices

The COVID market and the uptick trend in home prices from 2020 to 2022 most likely will stop and prices will plateau or have a slight decline.  

Affordability will be a challenge and  the cost of purchasing a home will remained steep. 

Market Size 

With  mortgage interest rates remaining at a higher level compared with the 2020 - 2022 period, some sellers will have a high resistance to sell their homes, and therefore keeping the home supply…

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important things to do before selling your D.C. home

For many years, home sellers in Washington, D.C. had a strong grip on the market. Now, it's beginning to slip.

Washington, D.C. real estate is moving in favor of homebuyers as mortgage interest rates fall and the number of homes on the market rise. This means that selling your home is becoming more and more competitive.

To make your property stand out of the crowd, you have to market it right. With the help of a great real estate agent, you'll be able to attract plenty of potential buyers to your home.

But, before you even put your home on the market, you'll want to make it as desirable as possible for buyers. Here's what to do before putting your D.C. home on the market:

Clean Up Your House

One of the first tips to sell your home in…

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top family-friendly neighborhoods in Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. attracts families from across the United States for its phenomenal parks and amenities—but mostly for its incredible career opportunities.

From government positions to business administration, the city is abundant in jobs. There are virtually endless career paths!

But, as the center for government and commercial organizations, it's difficult to imagine Washington, D.C. as a family-friendly city.

Even so, the city is filled with phenomenal neighborhoods that cater to growing families. There are plenty of communities that have top-rated schools, exciting community parks, and affordable homes.

Learn about the four best neighborhoods in Washington, D.C. for families:

Georgetown, D.C.

Founded in 1751, Georgetown is known…

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We are working with a low listing supply. The Washington DC Metropolitan real estate market is moving extremely fast. In some neighborhoods, cities or zip codes some listings do not last more than a week.

DC Row-Houses for Sale

 All-cash, over list price, no contingencies offers are more and more common in our current real estate market. It is not a pleasant experience for home-buyers nowadays. Multiple offers situation, Highest and Best Offers, Escalation Clause, Bulletproof Contracts are some of the terms buyers are getting used to. Some searches are looking more and more like the movie " Mission Impossible"  these are some of these home-searches: 

Washington DC one bedroom condo in the price range of $ 300,000 to $ 450,000.   North Arlington condo 1…

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Washington DC Real Estate Market       

2018 Washington DC Real Estate Market Summary 


Washington DC Real Estate market started last year (2018)  with  an early spring market, caused by the early start of buyers concerned about the interest rate increase of December 2017. This early start, gave the impression of a positive picture by the time the spring/summer market was reached. By mid Summer to the end of the Summer market we could feel that a lot of buyers had found their home.


The new  tax reform created an uncertainty surrounding the market behavior, it was unclear if it had any  repercussion on our local market.  2019 might give us an indication of its effect if any. 


Interest rates are going to keep on playing a key role in market trends, the interest…

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