Fairlington is located between two great counties City of Alexandria and Arlington County , it is a  distinctive neighborhood known for its unique blend of green spaces, and community charm. 

Fairlington location is nestled in Alexandria, VA, where it  stands as an urban oasis, offering a harmonious mix of residential tranquility and metropolitan connectivity. Then you cross the border into Arlington, VA, where Fairlington takes on a modern feel while retaining its classic charm. 

Houses for Sale in Fairlington

Explore a diverse range of real estate opportunities in Fairlington, Alexandria, VA. From historic townhouses with character to modern condominiums offering urban sophistication, find your ideal home in this thriving community.

Why Choose Fairlington for Your Next Home:

- Historic Charm: Revel in the historic architecture and timeless charm that defines Fairlington.
- Green Spaces: Enjoy the abundance of parks and recreational areas, providing a breath of fresh air in the heart of the city.
- Community Vibes: Experience a strong sense of community with local events, markets, and a friendly neighborhood atmosphere.
- Proximity to Amenities: Benefit from convenient access to shopping, dining, Fairlington Farmers Market and cultural hotspots in both Alexandria and Arlington