Cameron Station

Did you know that Cameron Station was a military base! This great ( almost gated community ) has an amazing homebuyer appeal and people that live there love it.
Built with the 18th and 19th centuries architectural style in mind, walking or driving by Cameron Station is a nice experience, you can enjoy a combination of condominiums, townhouses and single family homes, with a perfect location inside the beltway on the West End of Alexandria and off Duke Street.  Plenty of greenery with the advantage of 2 local parks (  Boothe Park and Brenmar Park) and a good amount of sports fields to play soccer, baseball or softball. As a resident you can enjoy the community center that offers you a swimming pool, fitness center and meeting rooms. Other community amenities include restaurants, dry cleaners, day care facilities and others. To complete all the benefits of Cameron Station, you can use the free shuttle service to the Van Dorn Metro Station. ( Blue Line).

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Explore the Unique Charm of Cameron Station in Alexandria

Cameron Station, is located closed to what is call the West End of Alexandria, it has a gated community feel and it is not just a neighborhood; it's a community designed for those who appreciate a dynamic and active lifestyle. Approximately 101 acres were sold to a developer, while the City of Alexandria acquired 63 acres, now dedicated to maintaining city parks within the community.

Cameron Station offers approximately  975 townhomes, 762 condominiums, and 32 Single Family Units (detached homes). While private yards may be limited, Cameron Station compensates with an abundance of biking trails, community green spaces, and recreational amenities. 

Cameron Station delivers a visually pleasing experience as you walk or drive through its well-designed streets. An architectural mix  creates a harmonious blend, and the community's location inside the beltway off Duke Street with close access to I 495 and I 395. A notable feature is the free shuttle service to the Van Dorn Metro Station (Blue Line), ensuring convenient access to public transportation for residents. 

Residents have the advantage of a community center equipped with a swimming pool, fitness center, and meeting rooms, enhancing the quality of life within the neighborhood. The community also provides practical amenities, including restaurants, dry cleaners, and daycare facilities.

In Cameron Station, pocket parks, complete with benches and pergolas, are strategically placed throughout, fostering a sense of community and enhancing the overall walkability. Experience the unique blend of history, modernity, and community spirit in Cameron Station, where every corner tells a story and every step is a journey worth taking.